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While most people who have a body image issue are overweight, I had an opposite ‘mystery’ case.

In late 1990s, my middle aged patient, whom I shall call Christy, born in Austria, consulted me about some relationship issues - feeling truly loved and yet sometimes also feeling abandoned.

Energetic, vivacious, health conscious and fit, she appeared to be quite comfortable in her healthy, yet too thin body.

 I liked her beautiful features, yet felt ill at ease looking at her face with almost no cheek muscles, so that her jaws were sticking out. No matter how much I tried, I could not get rid of the very strong sense and thought, “She looks as though she just came out of the concentration camp! There is something alien in her body that should have never ever affected it!” Those persistent impressions gave me just as obstinate and intense impulse to help her body get rid of that mysterious, alien and harmful factor, but I had to contain myself - my role was to work on Chirsty’s, not my agenda.


Energy Reading and Healing

I offered Chirsty a combination of modalities, including psychic energy reading of her auric or cellular memory, in order to uncover the subconscious energy blueprint roots of her issue. 

Combining the specific information from such energy patterns with Chirsty’s conscious memories and thoughts, while keeping the healing intention, transformed the blocked and/or dysfunctional, deep seated subconscious energy patterns into a new, healthy energy blueprint. It manifested in progressive healing shifts in all concerned and desired resolution of the original issue.

This modality was new to Christy yet she accepted it with an open mind, appreciated the crucial role of such approach and was happy with the outcomes.


Body puzzle

Then, to my great relief, Chirsty asked me to do some energy reading and hopefully find out, then heal the up till then mysterious factors which kept her so thin ever since her childhood.

Everyone else in her family had a normal body shape, so her low body weight appeared not to be genetic.  All medical tests indicated that she was healthy,  so doctors did not have any idea why she was so thin nor how to help her put any weight on.

Feeling healthy and without being stressed about her thinness, Chirsty wanted to become “more rounded and beautiful,” so she kept doing everything she could think of to put some weight on. 

A lover of healthy food, she said that she “gorged on it” all her life. She enjoyed exercise and jogged several times a week to build up muscles.  However, while they were strong they staid unusually flat, never increasing even a bit her body mass. 

Stress could not explain psycho-somatically her body syndrome either. Accomplished and fulfilled, in a stable loving relationship, she was well organized and kept resolving all issues timely and appropriately, so her stress levels were nonexistent or very low.


Anticipated Time Frame

Chirsty asked me how long the energy reading and healing in this case might take us. I said I did not know, but assumed that it could take several sessions to change such a stubborn, lifelong condition. (While I have experienced instantaneous deep healing - see my article Telepathy and Healing With Trees, section on Depression - and witnessed it in some patients, I had not discovered how to always bring it about. )

I suggested that she stays open minded while keeping the firm intention to get the desired healing outcome, same as I did, and Chirsty accepted that.


Psychic Inquiry

Holding one hand on Chirsty’s skinny wrist, while scanning her aura by my other hand, I tuned into her energy blueprint, looking for the hidden root causes of her unexplained low body weight.

I immediately had a gruesome vision of the WW2 concentration camp prisoners’ skeletal, naked, dead bodies piled up in a big hole in the ground. That made me wander whether I was looking only at my own initial impression about Christy’s body.  The tragic death energy and nauseating gas chambers smell emanating from her body indicated that I was in fact tuning into her body cellular memory, not my own imagination.

I realized that my psychic senses would have been registering all along those energies in her aura and body. By stopping myself from exploring those accurate impressions I only prevented myself from reading more energy information and gaining further insight into the roots of Chirsty’s body syndrome. Now it was becoming revealed by me reading her energy.

Born about a decade after WW2, she could not have gotten those energy patterns first hand. because it is possible to pick up various energy patterns from any time via one’s strong emotional channels,

Wandering how Chirsty got these concentration camp energies into her body if she was born about a decade after the WW2 finished, I asked her whether she had any particular thoughts or feelings about concentration camp prisoners.  No, she never even though about that past, nor felt anything much in relation to it when she heard about it at school.

How then did she  became the carrier of those concentration camp energy patterns that I understood would have made her physique look like the prisoners?


Trans-personal Healing

In response to my wandering about it I sensed heavy energy of the spirits of countless distressed prisoners haunting her body. While visualizing the healing white Light traveling and branching intelligently, as the lightening does, down the psychic network, through time, space and other dimensions, so that all those entities, whether still in spirit dimension or (re)incarnated to be healed in and of themselves, and to leave Chirsty’s body. I also asked for her own and all concerned spirits’ healing forces to be activated, with the support of all available Universal healing forces.

That massive trans-personal healing took awhile. Chirsty was calm and interested, yet fortunately did not consciously experience any of the difficult emotional and/or sensory patterns that I was reading and healing energetically.

Next I saw in my mind’s eye, from bird’s eye perspective, countless other people, both close and unrelated to inmates, and sensed their deep distress about by the concentration camps atrocities.  Without them realizing it, their difficult feelings would have landed in prisoners, making it even worse for them. It was an energy manifestation of the spiritual teachings that being distressed about anything, no matter how awful it might be, does not help, on the contrary.

After those collective energies were healed, Chirsty’s body energy felt much clearer.


Healer’s Process   

From sensing that enormous collective trauma energy record, I became overwhelmed, deeply shaken and felt physically shattered. Then I recognized that I was triggered to relive my late parents’ energy from that time, before my birth as a baby boomer.

I believed that I would have healed from their energies, but obviously did not do so fully. Bits and pieces of difficult energy imprints, or engrams, like this one, can stay embedded in the carrier’s energy field, grafted on many other personal memories with common denominator (in this case distress). Such splintered patterns are then not available for healing as a single package, but have each one to be brought up for healing by different triggers at different times.

While working all along on healing Chirsty’s body energy containing the collective horror and sorrow, I experienced strongly my parents’ desperate victimhood in the face of Nazi atrocities, and let my tears wash it out as I wept silently for awhile. 

Somewhat relieved by crying, I felt the most powerful motivation surge to do my absolute best to heal immediately everything and everybody, in flesh and/or in spirit, from having been affected in any difficult way by the WW2 atrocities, so as to do my best to prevent any re-enactment. I focused on getting healed not only those people and spirits who experienced the WW2 directly, but also all the hidden ‘virus’ software that obviously could have been passed on by various energy routes via the psychic network to anyone later on, second hand, like to my body-mind, and even third and fourth hand, as to Chirsty’s body. 

Thus her healing became mine, my parents’ spirits’ and God only knows how many other people’s and spirits’ healing. It was a spontaneous shamanic personal and trans-personal healing process, which I experienced and trusted as extremely powerful and effective.

In western tradition though, therapist is not supposed to get emotionally involved in patient’s issues.  In this case I did not have any problem about my strong feelings for three reasons:  First, Chirsty did not feel anything in particular about WW2 and concentration camps, so I was not getting involved in her emotional issues. Second, I am convinced that very broad trans-personal healing of countless suffering humans and spirits from any war, and WW2 in particular, is as needed as any personal healing, for humanity as a whole to become more peaceful.  And third, I knew that the stronger my re-experienced emotion was, since I used it to reinforce my healing intention (rather than commiserate), I became more effective and the healing would have been quickened for all concerned.

Chirsty would have only benefited from me having channeled that powerful emotional energy for healing purposes. I believe that’s the ultimate purpose of all difficult feelings. Next my experience indicated how beneficial doing just that can be.


Inherent Knowing of the Pristine Self and Healing


Maximizing my healing intention lifted my distress completely and made me identify  with my inherent natural Power. I became perfectly centered and felt deeply serene due to a strong, most convincing sense that I was contributing significantly to the planetary healing and paradigm shift towards the peaceful Earth.

That extremely powerful, unified sense throughout my Whole Being at once (without separation between mental, emotional, physical, intuitive, spiritual and psychic aspects) about doing precisely what I needed to, for the highest good of all concerned has no opposite (doubt). It is Certainty itself, in this case about fulfilling my True Purpose on Earth.

Since I was a little girl I recognized that inherent or natural sense of Knowing Certainty as a major attribute of my True Identity that I call Pristine Self. When I experience that Knowing, I am ‘in the zone’, feeling at ease, equally and completely in tune within and without. Then everything spontaneously, by most meaningful synchronicity, harmonizes by falling into its proper place of its own volition. Life becomes an easy, simple, meaningful and enjoyable, effortless flow.

My Authentic Knowing has always been proven accurate, even though in and of itself it does not need any proof.  It is a simple and unmistakable Feelowing (feeling=knowing) of the relevant Truth itself.  I experience and honor it as my clear connection or communion with the relevant information about material and subtle reality or Spirit realm. By personal experience and patients’ feedback I found out that such state of Knowing is the most healing too, irrespective of the magnitude of the problem.


Individual Energy Influences


After the collective trauma energy patterns transmuted into the light pristine energy, I searched further for the pathway by which Chirsty would have become the carrier of the starved prisoners’ energy.

Then I had a vision of a very sensitive and gentle young man, extremely distressed for having been recruited against his feelings and value system to serve as a Nazi soldier in WW2. While he abhorred the war and Nazi atrocities, he had to work as a concentration camp warden.

He compulsively looked at starved prisoners’ bodies, thinking that they should have never have experienced starvation. It was due to the rise of Nazi powers that he could never understand, and he fantasized about helping them by smuggling them his own bread. But he did not dare to, lest he would be caught and executed. Feeling highly traumatized  and completely powerless, he had to bottle up those very difficult feelings.

I realized that all my thoughts and feelings experienced while looking at Chirsty’s body corresponded to that young man’s state of being. I got them as an accurate energy response from her subconscious to mine while I was wandering why she was so thin when I felt that she should not have been.

Next I sensed that the young man got married some time after the war and became a father. His energy now became very blurry and distant, as thought he was absent from both his wife and his child, due to his post-traumatic syndrome and deep depression about his concentration camp experience. Blur all over the images that I was seeing as though through his eyes corresponded to his attempt to forget it all. His wife seemed to have been in a similar state.

Through that mind-vision fog I could not see his little daughter clearly, but had a sense that it was not Chirsty. She confirmed that neither her father nor any other male relative had served in German army during the WW2.

As the young man’s mind fog lifted completely, I saw clearly Chirsty, aged 5, playing with her two years younger girlfriend, who was gratefully looking up to Chirsty as a leader.

Chirsty confirmed that when she was five years old her first girlfriend was three and did follow Chirsty’s lead. That girl’s father was a very sensitive, withdrawn young man, suffering from deep depression because he had to serve, against his ethics, as a Nazi concentration camp warden. He never did anything with his daughter. Chirsty did not have any contact with him either.

Puzzled by how then all of his difficult memories could have embedded as cellular memory into Chirsty’s body, I staid focused on healing his energy patterns emanating from her body.  As his energy dissipated, I got in touch with the clear energy layer pertained to his little daughter.

I saw her and sensed her thoughts and feelings clearly. Missing her father’s attention, she wandered why he was unavailable to her. That way she subconsciously got the answer from his subconscious (same as I did from Chirsty’s) and without knowing it, she became the carrier of the whole energy bundle that contained his bottled up difficult memories, which were blocking him from being an emotionally present father.

This little girl experienced his suppressed emotional energy patterns in her body as her own feelings of total powerlessness in relation to him. Then she adopted Chirsty as a welcome substitute leader figure.  Chirsty being happy with it, via their mutually open emotional channels two girls exchanged their complementary energies, so that the younger girl’s father’s energy patterns ended up in Chirsty’s body.

Why Chirsty would have kept those feelings in her body ever since though? I found out that it was due to Chirsty’s proud self-identification as a natural leader - in and of itself a healthy personality core. However, as Chirsty’s memory of her girlfriend’s looking up to her was the very first flattering confirmation of that leadership feeling, her core self-identification got contaminated by the grafted young soldier’s bottled up energy, or engram that made his daughter perceive Chirsty as a substitute parent figure.

As Chirsty became the carrier of his energy, her body looks, coupled with an inability to understand how come she looked so thin, and inability to change her body weight remained governed by the prisoners’ and young soldier’s energy patterns as ‘virus’ software, over-riding her own healthy core body functions. As prisoners were so thin due to outer influences that the young soldier believed should have never existed, so Chirsty remained thin due to the ‘virus’ chain energy transfer that she should have never been exposed to.

Firmly grafted on Chirsty’s core energy blueprint for high self esteem as a leader, the young soldier’s energy patterns of total powerlessness to change the prisoners’ body looks was continuously being activated by Chirsty’s typical assertiveness, leadership and success in life. 

Then I realized that Chirsty’s sense of abandonment in her actually very loving relationship, which she spoke about as irrational, was due to the same ‘virus’ energy bundle: It was a subconscious re-enactment of her girlfriend’s feeling abandoned by her father, which contained a very strong collective distress energies of countless people having felt as abandoned, helpless children in relation to concentration camps.

Chirsty’s love for healthy food would have corresponded to her natural impulse to eat well, yet her ravenous hunger was apparently  steaming from the ‘virus’ energy corresponding to the young soldiers’ desire to provide a lot of food to starved inmates, as well as to their own huge hunger.

Apparently Chirsty needed first to heal the irrational sense of abandonment in  relationship in order to tackle the deeper, more entrenched and longstanding sense of more suppressed powerlessness in relation to her low body weight.

As we were processing the components of ‘virus’ software, I guided Chirsty to keep reclaiming her inherent energy patterns for her healthy body shape and to maintain her Pristine Self’s leadership ability. We also kept reconstructing and strengthening her boundaries towards any other similar ‘viruses.’ 


Immediate Healing Outcomes

At the end of our one hour session Chirsty’s body was warmer, indicating that there was an increased energy and blood circulation. She said she felt lighter in her body than ever before. That  is a typical outcome of having been set free from the heavy, disabling energies. 

She also felt very relaxed and sleepy, which is common after an intensive  energy healing of deep subconscious layers, which induces the healing ripples in the form of physiological and physical detox from what kept the syndrome in place. In order to flush out quickly the dislodged physiological toxins Chirsty was to drink plenty of water or freshly squeezed juices.


I knew by experience that on the basis of Chirsty's liberated authentic core energy her relevant neuronal and other body structures (hardware) were going to be reconstructed. Same as detox that  requires quite a bit of energy at subconscious level, not leaving much for any conscious activity. I encouraged Chirsty to rest or take it easy until her energy would spontaneously become available for anything else.


Follow Up

Chirsty came a week later for a massage as a treat. She looked happy and radiant, and said that she was delighted to have spontaneously, without any changes in her diet or lifestyle, put several kilos on, unlike ever before. Her glowing body was now elegantly slim, her cheeks normal instead of badly sunken. Her face was more rounded and much more beautiful, just as wanted it to be.  I loved looking at her without any trace of my previous discomfort.



Neither medical approach nor healthy lifestyle could bring about any healing shift in this ‘mystery’ case of a severely anorexic looking, yet very healthy body.

This unusual syndrome was due to the powerful, multilayered and complex ‘virus’ energy bundle that got created and subconsciously transmitted by a telepathic chain between many people, down to a young soldier, his little daughter and Chirsty. This ‘virus’ software was composed out of greatly distressed, dis-empowered personal and trans-personal energy patterns about the WW2 concentration camps and prisoners’ skeletal looking bodies.

This ‘virus’ energy became grafted onto Chirsty’s core energy as a leader, over-riding her underlying healthy blueprint for a normally looking body. This sabotaging ‘virus’ energy kept being triggered as she tried hard to heal her body syndrome by healthy and abundant diet and exercise.

Identifying the true origins of her syndrome  by energy reading, then facilitating healing at that  level, and without any other changes, shifted Chirsty’s energy blueprint, bringing about a quick normalization of her body shape, after a lifetime of not having been able to gain any weight in spite of ongoing efforts to do so.

Healing apparently the whole energy blueprint of such a stubborn, lifelong body syndrome in an hour was much quicker than I expected. Since the energy ‘virus’ came into Chirsty via various inter-personal emotional channels, the related healing would have been sped up by my very strong emotional response to feeling deeply the distress about the concentration camps horrors. That experience gave me the strongest, most determined desire to heal immediately, all through time and space, the related stressful memories, in the material as in the spirit world.




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