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My experience 



Up until 1996 I believed what my upbringing and education indicated - that all belief in spirits of dead people was a superstition. Then my sister rang me from overseas to let me know that our mother had died. As she was rather old, in her mid eighties, and I knew that she did not want to live any more, I felt relieved for her, thinking that at last she could finally rest from her difficult emotions.  

Half an hour later, I sensed that her spirit was zooming into my thymus (the psychic energy receiver) and I immediately started feeling as though I was my mother, with all of her unresolved issues, which made her not want to live any more. I started sobbing, but as I was very rapidly loosing my sense of self and becoming her, I knew that it was her spirit invading uninvited my body-mind in spite of my own thoughts and feelings. 


Loss of Self

I knew how awful it is to loose one’s own Self and how difficult it is to reclaim one’s true identity, or Pristine Self, because I had a history of having lost myself to my mum’s energy in my body-mind. 

As a young child standing firmly for my Self-referencing, I had a happy, shiny core of my Being and rock solid self esteem. Having taken on myself to ‘save’ my mother from her difficult feelings, after I felt them in my body because she slapped me for no good reason when I was three, I ended up wanting to be like her (possibly also because she wanted me to be her ‘model child’). Having put her on pedestal as a role model made not only my self esteem erode dramatically, in spite of all my high academic achievements, but at the age sixteen, chronically depressed and tired, I realized that I did not have an opinion unless I had heard my mum’s, so that I could repeat it. 

Horrified at such total loss of my Self, I found out that my sunny core had turned into a most menacing, bottomless black abyss sucking me into itself. To reclaim my Pristine Self I had to draw first and foremost very clear and strong boundaries in relation to my mother. 



The morning after her death I realized that I had to establish my clean boundaries with her spirit, lest I would loose my identity to her again. Facing the morning sun I spoke to her spirit in my mind, “Mum, you are dead. If you did not notice it, just remember that you did not have to take a plane to Australia to come to me. I am sorry that you did not know how to heal your pain during your lifetime, but you have no right to live through my body. Be respectful of my right to live my own life instead of yours, get out of me now and go into the sunlight to be healed there.” As I felt her energy pop out of my thymus I stopped crying from feeling her pain, promptly regained my own energy and felt like my normal Self again.

I had similar experience with my mother’s spirit many times later on, including for several years around the anniversary of her death and I kept dealing with it in the same way. The effects on me were varied and sometimes quite dramatic – I would feel few decades older than I am, exhausted for no reason, victimized instead of dealing with things, unable to think or work as I normally do, loosing therefore my income, etc. If I would attempt to attribute those symptoms to something else, I could never heal them - until I would realize that it was the time around the anniversary of her death, and that they all corresponded to her state, not mine. It indicated that my mother’s spirit yet again invaded me. Then I would speak to her in no uncertain terms, get her energy out of my body, and get back to my normal Self again.

I have felt and been affected by other ancestral and some unrelated spirits in my body too. From all those quite taxing experiences I have learned how to deal with them – as decisively as with living people who would trespass on my boundaries. 


In my healing practice, many of my patients, including the woman whom I shall call Sarah, had some attached spirits of the dead. 




Body and Family

As I first saw Sarah, my new middle aged patient, I was struck by some deep in-congruence between her overall energy and appearance.  I had the impression that she had a very clear mind and stable, healthy emotions, knowing exactly what she was doing and why - and yet her skin was so pale, in fact greenish-gray, that I thought, “How can someone be still alive with this complexion?!” Paradoxically, she appeared to me as a healthy spirit living in an almost dead body. 

What she told me about herself confirmed my first impression. A highly ethical, personally and professionally fulfilled person, she consulted me because of her extremely low energy levels, that she struggled with all her life, even though there was no medical or psychological explanation for it. She had a normal, peaceful life overseas and came to live in Sydney as she married a kind, loving and successful Australian man. Their relationship, lifestyle and diet were healthy.

I scanned her energy memory from the time when she was born and had a vision of a nice old house in her country of origin. I sensed that it was haunted by the benevolent spirits of an elderly couple – her paternal grandparents. They were very happy that she was born as their first grandchild and that she lived in that particular house, even though it happened after they had died. As I kept telling her what I was  reading from her energy, she filled in more details. 

That house used to belong to her grandparents and was sold after their death. Later on her father bought it back and Sarah was born in it. From her grandparents’ spirit’s energy in her body I sensed that they were very happy that their oldest son has bought back the old family home and that Sarah, their first grandchild, was born there. Because they had missed the experience of being grandparents during their lives, they attached themselves to her. By living in and through her they made her look as though a walking dead body. Her low energy levels were due to the energy in her body being mostly theirs – old and pretty dead! – rather than her own.



I told Sarah’s  grandparents’ spirits that they have trespassed heavily on her boundaries and robbed her off her own vitality. Since they cared for her, they had to get out of her body and go as spirits into the Light (which is a spiritual healing context) to get healed from whatever they might have needed, so as to prepare themselves as best they could for their next incarnation.

Both Sarah and I sensed that her grandparents understood and were sorry that inadvertently they had hampered her in any way. I was surprised that for several decades they did not notice it though – probably because they felt better living in her body, off her vital energy, than if they staid in the spirit world feeling that they missed out on such an important experience as seeing her grow and live a happy life.

Sarah and I sensed that her grandparents’ spirits had stepped out of her body but were still hanging around, behaving as though they were still embodied. The grandfather’s spirit was sitting right next to her on my sofa, while the grandmother’s spirit sat in the armchair facing me. They appeared eager to learn more about the healing that I was doing, since they did not know anything about it nor about its outcomes. 

Sarah was adamant that they had to leave – she had more than enough of the unfortunate consequences of their presence. She asked them in no uncertain terms to leave her alone and never to come back anywhere near her again. I explained to them that they could reincarnate as whole beings after going into the Light and have a new body each in their next life - which they would postpone if they would hang around Sarah. That made sense to them and they left.

At the end of that session, Sarah felt energized and her ghastly looks were replaced for the first time by normal pinkish skin colour and rather rosy cheeks.

Half an hour later, I was facing the window when I felt Sarah’s grandparents’ spirits fly in through it to let me know joyously that now they felt light, happy and free. They thanked me for the healing and flew out again, with the typical loud cracking sound in the window glass that corresponds to the spirit’s energy passing through it.


Father and Daughter

Few months later Sarah came to see me again. She looked well, same as she did at the end of our last session and said that she was feeling normally energized since then. The reason she came to consult me this time was that her right arm kept shaking uncontrollably and continuously last few weeks.

I looked at her arm, sensed what it was, said, “It’s Parkinson’s disease and it is has to do with your father’s energy in your body” and asked her about him and their relationship.

She said that he had Parkinson’s disease and passed away overseas not so long ago. After his death she was sad because he was so quiet that she never had any relationship with him and did not know whether he loved her or not. 

Some time soon after his death she sensed his presence and got his message that he was sad too because he did love her but never let her know. She was deeply touched and happy to get that message from his spirit and said that she loved him too.  Then she felt that their energies had merged. 

I told her that by merging with her father’s spirit she contracted his Parkinson’s disease. She needed to thank him for his love and ask his spirit in no uncertain terms to get out of her body and go into the Light to get healed from Parkinson’s amongst other, so that he could reincarnate without it. She did so, we both felt him leave and her arm stopped shaking straight away.


My Learning


From my personal experience and many cases from my healing practice I deducted the following:


1.Spirits exist and can carry over into their subtle existence not only their personality traits, including wishful thinking (like Sarah’s grandparents) and unresolved emotions (like my mother) but also the blueprint of the physical ailments that they had while embodied (like her father).


2.The above point is contrary to the assertion common in spiritualist circles, that all spirits or souls of the departed are eternally happy and healthy. If there are such spirits maybe I have never come across them nor received as clear indication about their existence as about the somewhat unhealthy spirits, who are potentially sickening to the living people, because I focus on healing, which means that people would consult me because of their issues. On the other hand, even while I was an atheist up until my late thirties, I have always felt looked after by some benevolent unseen Intelligence, which is possibly the manifestation of some healed Spirit(s) with higher vibration than the unhealed ones that I typically deal with in my work.  


3.Depending on the characteristics of the ancestral (and other) spirits, living people can be affected in many ways, for any length of time, by having the spirit of a diseased (or other) person attached to their energy blueprint. Each person is born with his or her own energy blueprint or life energy, which is essential for that person’s wellbeing (even though their energy blueprint might need some healing from unhealthy energy patterns resulting from past life issues). 


4.Being invaded in one’s body, mind, emotions and/or intuition by another person’s spirit, no matter how benevolent it might be, is invariably sickening, because the attached spirit (of a living or dead person) displaces up to a point one’s own inherent energy blueprint and ‘lives’ as a parasite sucking one’s living energy away.


5.In case the person develops the signs and symptoms due to the attached spirit(s) or virus energy software, it typically manifests as a stubborn syndrome which does not respond to medical or most complementary modalities, nor to the healthy lifestyle and diet. Such cases can be accurately diagnosed by energy reading and successfully healed by communicating in an appropriately assertive manner with the attached spirits.



6.Some spirits, like Sarah’s ancestors’, are cooperative and easy to deal with. There are also belligerent, malicious and quite persistent attached spirits, but all cases of spirit possession can be healed, provided they are dealt with appropriately as such. It appears essential to transcend any denial of spirit(s) existence in order to deal with such cases so as to bring about the true and lasting healing.


7. Healing the attached spirits appears to be as important as healing any other human aspect (mind, emotions, body, soul, intuition), for individual and collective wellbeing. Otherwise the unhealed spirits tend to attach themselves to additional unsuspecting hosts.




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