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 Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) Lebanese Poet




To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand. 

Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883 - 1955), Spanish Philosopher











Curiosity kept the cat alive (rather than killed it)!
















































Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one. Voltaire (1694-1778), French writer









































Logic takes care of itself; all we have to do is to look and see how it does it.

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951); Austrian Philosopher


I used to believe that trust and self doubt belong to psychological sphere of one’s being only, and that they were typically related to another person or a situation, affecting only one’s own perception, emotions, choices and relationships. Then something very strange happened that challenged radically that belief of mine.


Feeling cozy and nicely warm while sitting comfortably at my desk one winter evening 1988, I was happily typing my journal entry for that pleasant day, when all of a sudden, for no apparent reason at all, a severe sciatica pain appeared in my otherwise healthy left buttock. 


I had similar pain more than a decade earlier, when I got it from bending awkwardly forwards over my big pregnant belly to lift up my daughter aged two. Hot water bottle helped me get rid of that pain within few days and I never had it since. This time, I felt as though a toxic dart flew suddenly and very painfully into my flesh, which made me recall and understand why Germans call it ‘Hexenschuss’, meaning ‘witch’s hit’. 


Couple of my relatives used to suffer from sciatica and my basic knowledge about it came from having heard them talk about it: that the pain comes from the nerve being pinched in one’s lower back, and that it could appear gradually and become chronic if it was due to poor posture, or it could be acute if brought about by an inappropriate movement which would throw out of alignment the lumbar spine. Using one’s lower body carefully as well as warmth could apparently help the condition, while the cold could aggravate it.


None of the above could explain how I have got sciatica this time around, so suddenly and so intensely, when my lower body was perfectly still and I was neither cold nor physically uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, my back was well supported by the chair covered by a soft, fluffy, warm sheep skin. There was no psycho-somatic reason for this sciatica attack either (I never heard before that it could be, but I looked for all possible scenarios before discarding them), since I felt truly happy with myself, my life in general and with what I was peacefully reflecting on while typing.


Because I already had plenty of telepathic experiences with people close to me, confirmed beyond any doubt by comparing the exact time of our thoughts, feelings and experiences that could not be explained by anything else, and I was keen on exploring telepathy as much as I could, I had made it a habit to note carefully the exact time of any strange, at fist sight apparently ‘causeless’ or ‘anomalous’ occurrences, in order to possibly be able to correlate them later on with what I might  find out about somebody else and their thoughts and feelings related to me at that particular time. Therefore I checked the exact time the very moment this sciatica appeared in my body – it was 8:45 pm. 


The pain was so crippling that I could not pay attention to anything else but had to take care of it straight away.  I could hardly move, but I did so painfully and very carefully, trying first to relieve it by stretching a bit. That did not change anything. Fortunately, energy healing proved to be helpful straight away. It still took me couple of hours to get rid of all the pain.


My curiosity about what happened , why and how was so strong that I almost did not mind having gotten this problem.  I was so firmly determined to find out what caused it that I felt almost excited about this unique opportunity to explore something that I felt intuitively must have had to do with telepathy that I was so interested in and fascinated by. For the time being though, I did not have any clue about how to even start looking for an explanation of why it all happened to me.


Relatively early next morning a patient of mine, whom I shall call Paula, who was seeing me for energy healing of some other ailments, rang me. I pricked up my ears as she said that the morning before she has got a severe sciatica pain in both buttocks at once while bending to clean under her sofa. I was not surprised because she was quite overweight and had very swayed back. She said that her pain was so incapacitating that she could not do anything but lay down – same as I felt the night before. Therefore she did not drive to come to see me the previous day, and because I lived far away and did not have a car, she did not ask me to go to her place either. 


After having spent the day laying down, hoping in vain that the pain would subside, in the evening Paula asked our common friend, Adam (not his real name), who lived closer to her place and had a car, to help her. Without considering himself to be a healer, he was sometimes able to alleviate other people’s pain by laying hands. 


She told me that he had come to her place at quarter to nine, put his hands straight away on her left buttock and her pain lifted up on that side straight away. Then he laid hands for about an hour on her right side, but it did not help her at all. They did not understand at all why he was instantly successful on one side yet could not do anything on the other.    


The morning after Paula was still experiencing a severe pain in her right side and was still unable to drive, which is why she was calling me to see whether I could come to her place to do some energy healing of her remaining sciatica. 


Thinking that there was too much precise correlation between her story and my experience from the previous evening for it to be a mere unexplainable coincidence, I went to her place, feeling as much as a healer as a detective on track. 


I held my hands at some distance over her right side, working energetically on healing her sciatica there and it lifted completely in about an hour. (Later on I kept seeing Paula in our common social circles for several years. She appeared normally agile and I never heard her complain of sciatica pain again.)


After concluding Paula’s session I rang Adam asking him to give me a lift home. Wanting to find out about his inner process while laying hands the night before, I asked him what exactly did he do, think and feel back then, in which sequence and at what time.  To start with, I told him only about half of my full motivation to investigate this case - that I was just as puzzled as Paula about what had happened the night before, and that I was wandering why he could help her on one side only. 


His detailed account coincided with Paula’s. Being a natural scientist, he was a keen and very accurate observer and he was keen to help me because he knew that I was action researching healing by observing carefully everything that I could and collecting as much data as I could from and about my patients. 


Adam had came at 8:45 pm to Paula’s place and immediately laid his hands on her left buttock, thinking, “Tiyana would know exactly what to do, which is why it is  always healing when she works on me and Paula, while I am not sure of why my own laying hands only sometimes results in healing.” 


Paula was much relieved when her left side pain completely disappeared as soon as he started working on her, while Adam was very pleasantly surprised that he was apparently able to heal her severe sciatica so easily and efficiently.  


Expecting to be just as effective on the other side of Paula’s body, Adam laid his hands there – without any healing effect whatsoever. He kept trying to alleviate Paula’s remaining pain for an hour, feeling completely puzzled as to why his hands would have been perfectly helpful the first time, yet just as ineffective in his second attempt. It confirmed to him that there was some unfathomable factor affecting his ability to heal by laying hands. 


I asked him whether he had any thoughts or feelings about me or in relation to me after his initial reflection on my consistent healing effect. He said that he did not think about me at all from then on, since he attributed the initial successful healing to his own surprising effectiveness.


Then I told him about my experience from the night before. We agreed that there was too much precise correlation in all tree participants’ accounts to have any possible doubt as to the accuracy of each one’s perception. Everything coincided also in terms of time, location and type of pain, Adam’s thoughts about himself and about me, and the contrary but complementary effects in Paula’s and my body. Between three of us, we have pieced the full picture about what actually happened and it appeared to speak as loudly and clearly for itself as one would desire when trying to decode an initially ‘mysterious’ or ‘anomalous’ occurrence. 


Adam agreed with me that what took place between three of us could not be dismissed as some simple, interesting, but not substantially causally correlated ‘coincidence’.  It appeared rather to be a three handed ‘triple blind’ telepathy at work - none of us knew at the time, nor up till I investigated it the day after, what apparently took place between us. 


It that Adam’s thought process was crucial. By wanting to help Paula, he apparently would have connected his own energy system with the energy of her left side pain, but because he mistrusted himself as a healer and trusted me instead, he would have simply ‘picked up’ Paula’s painful energy patterns and subconsciously sent the whole lot to me to deal with it – which I did.  


Adam's intention to heal remained the same when he laid hands on Paula’s right side, yet it appeared that neither his nor Paula’s strong expectation that he would repeat the speedy healing could overcome his deeply ingrained doubt in his abilities to induce any consistent healing outcomes. Even is his good will might have allowed him to get in touch with her painful energy on the right side, apparently his overall mistrust in his own reliability as a healer would have switched his healing potential off altogether, in spite of Paula’s and his positive expectation that he should be able to repeat the speedy, complete healing in the second part of his attempt to help her.


I also know that I am effective in healing amongst other because I focus on what I want to achieve (otherwise in the past if my mind would wander off, I had cases of patients even getting my own issues into their mind and/or dream), while Adam believed that he is only doing something with his hands. I do use my hands as scanners for energy patterns, but it is my specific mind set that does the healing.


From having noticed in my own energy healing work that correct understanding of energy information and processes bring about spontaneous healing shift (‘truth shall set you free’), while incorrect and/or incomplete guessing does not affect the dis-easing patterns at all, but leaves them unchanged, I thought that Paula’s and Adam’s expectation would not have had any effect in terms of energy dynamics because it was based on their apparently complete misunderstanding of how exactly Adam would have set her pain free on one side - they believed wrongly that he has healed Paula’s pain, while he only transferred it subconsciously to me.


In addition to his trust in me as a healer, which apparently would have enabled him to achieve that transmission, Adam’s and my relating could have had something to do with what happened. 


He has experienced quite a few effective face to face healing from me, which is why he gave me referrals, including Paula. He heard from them that they felt much better from energy healing too and that they trusted what I was doing, same as he did, on the basis of their individual experience. That probably reinforced his trust in me as a healer.


Both Adam and I were aware of our remote healing connection. Several times when he was not well (having sinusitis, migraines, flu with high fever and/or depression), I would do distant healing for his ailments while on the phone with him, so that he could keep giving me immediate feedback and I could learn about what I was doing. Typically he would experience healing shifts, which made him trust my healing at distance too. 


Otherwise, I was supportive of him working out few other things in his life, so I consciously kept open our telepathic channel. He knew about it and was grateful for my ongoing friendly and if need be healing support. In relation to what happened with Paula’s sciatica that landed in me, Adam and I concluded that my conscious decision to stay telepathically ‘on call’ for him could have made it easier for him to transfer Paula’s pain to me.


In spite of all his trust in the consistent effectiveness of the energy healing that I was practicing, and as though to tease me, Adam liked to say, with his wry sense of hum our, “I know energy healing works, but I am a scientist – so I do not believe in it!” 


After our experience with Paula’s pain, I thought that his conscious loyalty to an outdated hard science paradigm, that he was fully aware of as incongruent with his personal experience about energy healing and his ongoing witnessing about other people’s positive experience in relation to it, would have contributed to his disconnection from his own healing potential and to the telepathic Paula’s pain transfer to me.    


A number of specific factors, which enabled him to achieve that, would have formed a logical network, or quite complex system involving three people’s conscious and subconscious, Adam’s  wobbly self perception as a healer, and his and my way of relating to energy healing and to each other. 


The most interesting aspect of this first part of our three sided experience was, from my point of view, that by trusting someone coupled with not trusting oneself it seemed possible to send that person pain to deal with. It was one of the first cases of proxy healing that I became aware of (and have experienced and witnessed many more since). 


My certainty beyond any doubt that Adam would have never wanted to inflict any discomfort on me was amply confirmed by his most sincere apologies when I told him about my side of that story.


I was not clearly aware of the possibility of telepathic pain transfer up till then, but have learned a lot about it since this first experience in my own body. The common statement that someone is 'pain in the neck' refers to that phenomenon.


While reading and healing the energy in my patients’ bodies, I came across countless real life examples of the single or collective telepathic influences that would have created various levels of discomfort, local or systemic, in any aspect of one’s Being. Such unease becomes a dysfunction in case the receiver is not able to process it in a healing manner, which creates blocks in his/her cellular and auric memory or energy blueprint for both the phsyche and the physical body.


Those blocks can be healed by an accurate energy reading and healing, irrespective of how extensive the psychic network that created them (eg. world wars or ancestral lineage), how long ago (including in utero or in past lives) and which aspects of one's Being might have been affected.


By energy reading I identifiy the original difficult telepathic influence(s) while holding the intention to heal their very roots, which then heals their effects in my patient. His/her healing shifts at conscious and subconscious (body) level confirm the accuracy of such energy reading (inaccurate view does not heal anything). In case the patient can observe the original problematic energy sender, typically a significant proxy healing is observed in the later too.


It indicates that a deep, systemic energy network healing, even in the cases of very long standing, stubborn health, relationship and other issues, brings about a lasting, spontaneous physical and attitudinal healing of all concerned.






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