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      my whole body aura Nov. 2005





my whole body aura Sept. 2008

blue - caring, healer, helpful, supportive, loving, nurturing

green - natural, harmonizing, communicating, sharing, teaching 

white component - spiritual






Energy Reading



Out of intense complexities intense simplicities emerge.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British statesman, writer


By opening up to my full sensory and psychic potential, and by exploring the natural energy healing, I became aware of the detailed information represented by energy patterns.


They are the blueprint for one’s psyche and body, psychic and spiritual realm, and past lives.


I did not believe in last three aspects of existence until I understood from researching the energy phenomena how deeply dis-easing and/or healing they can be. That does not depend on the patient’s or my belief system.


All energy patterns, corresponding to conscious, subconscious and past lives memories, are equally accessible for reading and healing if approached with an open mind.


Since my energy reading assists the holistic healing, I consider that the information I am decoding is real. Then I adjust my beliefs accordingly, irrespective of what I or other people might have believed up till then.


Only true understanding brings about the deep healing shift. False beliefs cannot and do not heal anything, only mask the symptoms.  


By energy reading I access the energy blockages that represent the root cause of any problem. They might originate from detrimental material, human, environmental or psychic influences, that were not processed in a healing way. That can create ill health and negativity which compounds the problem.


Healing those energy blocks improves one's life force and self-healing potential, that enables the deep healing all kind of conditions, including those that have not responded to other types of treatment, and/or are deemed ´incurable´.



In the energy healing process, the relevant energy patterns appear in a specific, logical sequence. Like in archeology, the most recent energy memories form the top layer. They usually need to be healed first in order to access the deeper and older layers.    


Those pertain to personal and family history, generic socio-cultural patterns, and past lives.     


It is also possible to mentally call for certain theme, e.g. self-esteem, as a thread running all through those layers, and reach the primordial root of the syndrome, that might have been repeated in many ways through one’s lifetimes.     


Energy reading is an essential step towards healing even long standing and tenacious dysfunctional patterns in all aspects of oneś Being and in all areas of life.


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