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Patient’s Consciousness



The information about all human aspects (mental, emotional, physical, physiological, energetic, psychic, spiritual, relationsl, spatial etc.) is typically held in the aura as conscious, subconscious, cellular and/or super-conscious data bank. An increasing number of patients tell me that they had some inklings about such deeply seated information about themselves. Usually they refer to it as dreams, ‘deja vu’, or ‘irrational’ feelings, ideas and habits, often too deeply ingrained to be shifted by other means and modalities or changes in beliefs, lifestyle, relationships and career.  


In energy healing it is not necessary that the patient be aware of all the information that I get from their aura. My patients who fall asleep during the session get the healing benefits that they came for, same as those who participate consciously in their healing with me.  


However, patient’s interest in and understanding of what I find in their aura contributes to their attitudinal healing and additional healing ripples in all areas of their life and in their natural environment, speeding up their holistic healing and personal evolution.  


Patient’s conscious limitations (lack of knowledge about healing and/or limiting beliefs and feelings) do not decrease the effectiveness of the facilitated energy healing.


Some of my new patients say that they have already tried many modalities and none has helped them, then claim that nothing ever will help them either. Then I gently point out that if they are seeing me it seems to imply they are even a little bit open to the possibility that they might benefit from our healing work. They invariably calm down as they account to themselves for the truth of that statement, which makes them open to their own healing potential and co-operate in their healing process.


Then they consciously gain healing insights, in addition to those which they would get anyhow in case they preferred me to work silently with them.


Individuals who prefer to relax and have silent energy healing tend to get direct physiological and behavioral healing changes, steaming from the healing done at their subconscious level. They gain conscious healing insights either by observing themselves or from my follow up explanation of those changes.


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