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You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Italian astronomer and physicist  




He whose wisdom exceeds his works, to what may he be likened? To a tree whose branches are numerous but whose roots are few. The wind comes along and uproots it and sweeps it down.

The Talmud









client's aura photo before the session

  • negativity - dark around the head and neck
  • anger - red on the chest and on the right side (rationalization)
  • working on emotional healing - green on the left side
  • wanting peace - whitish blue around the dark head zone
  • strong spirituality yet feeling frustrated for not  knowing how to apply it to heal negativity, anger and relationships - whitish-blue above the head


the same client's aura photo after an hour session

  • deep healing: feeling peaceful, calm - indigo high up above the head
  • feeling safe, healing, reconciled - violet on the head, neck and chest
  • applied spirituality to heal Self and relationships -whitish around the head and the right side
  • understanding others, compassionate, cooperative - magenta on the left side         







Life is not about what comes to you, but what comes through you.

Neale Donald Walsch, Spiritual Author



Clarity of purpose exposes the foundation of the inner heart.

M. H. McKee (cca 1906 - ?), American


































Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on, Hold fast, Hold out. Patience is genius.

Comte Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon (1707-16 April 1788),  French Naturalist, Mathematician, Biologist, Cosmologist, Author  











































The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Italian artist and inventor





Earlier this year I was diagnosed with recurrent Breast Cancer. I sought Tiyana’s assistance in pursuing a more holistic approach to healing. That is, in mind, body and spirit. Tiyana’s deeply intuitive understanding of the human condition and her unique approach to healing energetically has helped me immeasurably during a very difficult and testing time. So  much so that even my physicians are surprised and very pleased with my progress so far towards recovery.

Tiyana genuinely cares for her clients’ well-being and will also attend her clients at their homes if necessary. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tiyana to anyone who wishes to take a holistic approach to healing for illness and personal difficulties.


Michelle, Lane Cove, NSW



I first met Tiyana in February of 2003, more than 10 years ago. In that time I have been her patient  for healing, seeing her in her rooms, at her home and using telephone consultations.

Not only have I received healing at a physical level, Tiyana has taught me to understand energy in a way that helps me to understand what is going on in my body so that I know when to ask for assistance.

I have also grown in my spiritual awareness in that time and she has shown many of the past lives which have needed healing in order for me to have deep healing at a soul level.

Tiyana is gentle, kind, very honest and trustworthy. These are values that are very important to me and we have developed a deep friendship over the years.

Tiyana is also very professional in her approach to her work. I trust in the integrity of her process of healing and it works. 

I moved interstate 18 months ago and in that time I have continued to have telephone consultations with Tiyana.

Both my adult daughters have received healing from Tiyana during difficult physical and emotional times in their lives. This has been done with their permission via telephone. This process has allowed me to also receive the healing I have needed at the same time as our relationships are very close and our energies entwined.

I am blessed to be a friend and patient of Tiyana’s. I am 66 years old, living a healthy life in rural Victoria. I take no medications and rarely visit a traditional doctor. My only other practitioner is a chiropractor.


Sue Stuart-Dent, Victoria



To Whom It May Concern


It has been an honour to have been a client of Tiyana's for approximately two years.

Tiyana is an expert in energetic healing and in scanning one's energy to determine emotional content that needs to be allowed to come to the surface and consequently healed.

I have been through many challenges in my life, some of which I thought I would not come through.  These events are too personal, and too traumatic to mention here, however, suffice to say, they were some of the biggest that life has to offer.

The emotional, psychological, spiritual and mental trauma was so great at times that I wondered how I could ever find peace and love within myself again.

As I have gained more wisdom and maturity I have realized that we can do much to help ourselves heal, and Tiyana has been a wonderful mentor.

At times I was physically sick and emotionally spent when faced with different crises.

One session with Tiyana healed this pain and anguish to the degree that I was able to continue on my authentic path.

Of course there was much more work to be done, and I was committed to the journey. 

I have spent a great deal of time over many years, working on any aspects of myself I felt needed addressing, and Tiyana's insights, healing, and professional counseling have been invaluable to me.

With Tiyana's help, I have found peace. Real peace.

Not only have I found peace, I now understand the learning and wisdom behind these challenges.  They have become like old friends, and I thank them every so often for the growth they have afforded me.

I look forward to the rest of my life........every day.

I am grateful for every day, every moment, every friend, every kindness, every burst of sunshine, and every beautiful flower.

Healing is a gift - and I am fortunate enough to know the best........


Jennifer from Stratified, Sydney



Dear Tiyana,

I'd like to thank you for helping me, as I feel sooo much better, so much more alive, and receptive! When you saw I was going to cry you sped up the process and it wasn't out of ignorance it was out of LOVE! :) Thank you for allowing it to flow through your body, mind and spirit, for you have participated in my healing!





Hi Tiyana,

You worked on me recently and since you released my father's energy, I 

have been much more relaxed.  The constant anxiety seems to have disappeared.

Thank you for making my life more peaceful.





Dear Tiyana,

I am writing to let you know of the great value your sessions have been to me.

Since working with you on areas of my life in which I have been stuck for a long time I have had major shifts. Your experience, insights and amazing gifts and talents have had a profound effect in allowing me to create the life I want.

You have been most wise and skillful in addressing areas of the mind, body and spirit, providing balance and perspective in my life and benefiting the whole family.

I am eternally grateful,





Thank you for your energetic &spiritual healing and guidance over the years. It has helped me greatly.

Warm regards,

Kate, Sydney



My experience with Tiyana has been profound to say the least!! My understanding of energy healing prior to our consultation was that I had a "Block" which needed healing. Tiyana not only helped to heal the energy block, but expanded my awareness as to what the "entirety " of us means.  

I would learn from consultation with Tiyana that there was no separation between what would come up and what would be healed. The core of all of us is energy. If we could heal the energy and clear it, we maximize our potential!!! Consequently after leaving her sessions I would create a new reality for my self.

Her broad knowledge, spirituality, and experience all combine to facilitate healing. 

I'm truly honored to know you.


Teraz Bolden

Personal development specialist  



After my experience with Tiyana my life changed. Prior to seeing her my life was cluttered, unclear and I was yearning for more (or someone to give me more). I was always open to the idea of "energy healing" but was not really sure were to start. I was advised to consult Tiyana by a friend of mine who had a profound life changing experience with her. And so it began for me! My initial consultation bought up deep suppressed emotions, that clearly had compounded. I noticed instantly after leaving her that I was so clear and focused about where my life was heading. For this, I wish to thank you. Kind Regards,


Sales and Education Executive

Sydney, October 2008




    About twelve years before I first met Tiyana I was diagnosed with thyroid gland problem. I was receiving treatment by hormone-based medication. However, my state did not improve! The fear that I experienced during this particular time in relation to my ex-husband made my state even worse.

    I moved away from him and at this critical point in my life I got acquainted with Tiyana. She introduced me to a new way of energy and mind-body healing.

    From the first session, my health state automatically improved and soon I was completely free from that big-ball choking feeling in my throat, never to return.

    My positive outlook on life increased and my fear disappeared. I felt I was reborn and discovering new life.

    Thank you Tiyana for all your help and love.

    Nada Mikic




Dearest Tiyana,

I want you to know I felt joyful again after having a session with you - you lifted a great burden from my soul.





Dear Tiyana,

          I really respected that you were the only one that gave me the unconditional love and trust so that I could work with you on what I wanted. I just want you to know I am very grateful for your support and you are very dear to me.

          I thank you, Tiyana, for bringing me back to the land of living, and showing me that I don't have to be victim.

          I hope G-d sends you help for all you've done for me. THANK YOU, TIYANA. G-d bless you.





I wish here to acknowledge what Tiyana Maksimovich-Binno has offered me as a holistic healer.

One day I was about to commit suicide. Informed about that, Tiyana offered her support and convinced me to accept it. That night she counseled me, balanced my energy, and started teaching me how to heal myself and my perception of what was going on in my life, and how to deal with my own and other peoples' energies, for all concerned people's healing and wellbeing.

She explained to me how to transcend some conflicts that I had by applying win-win conflict resolution approach, in psychological and psychic or energy terms. Tiyana linked her work and teaching with my own experience, so that I understood it in new light. I felt truly safe with her, because she supported me to find my own solution, never trying to impose hers.

I felt greatly relieved, gained a solid basis for a new start, and from then on received regular healing and teaching from Tiyana. Not only I regained peace of mind and joy, and became again capable of managing my own affairs to my own satisfaction, but I started offering healing support to other people in crisis too.

Tiyana accepted me for who I am, offering me gentle but most effective healing and support to take charge of my direction and energy no matter what. Whenever I needed it she gave me a complete support for my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic healing. She also gave me all the relevant information about what she was doing with me, so that I kept learning about holistic healing as Tiyana practices it. It provided me with a safe and reliable experience and body of knowledge on which to rely when I need it.

Slobodan Spirovski





Thank you for our today's tutorial - it was undoubtedly the best so far.

We explored what was important to us with regard to our quality of life and values, and then linked it all up to the two forms of society: that of our current competitive society compared to that of a co-operative society - and what a shock the results were!

We established that everything I enjoy and strive for in my life could easily be accommodated in a conserver / co-operative social system without half of the stress we all go through now. It was a real impressive piece of visual and mental stimulation which saw me leave your tutorial on an emotional high.

Your student Josh

University of NSW

September 18th 1991







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