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Energy Field Research   


Mixing one's wines may be a mistake,  but old and new wisdom mix admirably.

Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956), German Dramatist, Poet


The scientific research (see links) based on quantum physics has been consistently confirming the ancient traditional knowing about the significance of the omnipresent subtle energy field and of the related 'psi' or psychic and spiritual phenomena, as well as of their use in healing.


In the former USSR scientists, including Dr Korotkov, are researching what they call 'bio-energy' as consciousness, and confirm the reality of Reconnective Healingdeveloped in the West by Dr. Eric Perl.


The natural healing potential of psychic or energy healing has been researched and used in public Russian hospitals too.


Many types of electronic cameras and other devices have been developed to register and monitor the energy fields, including human and environmental, and can be used for diagnostic and healing purposes.


On the flip side of the coin, the military powers of the former USSR, USA, France, UK and China have developed the use of 'psi' for spying and war making (see David Morehouse).


That indicates the very high importance of ethics in relation to using the energy potential for healing rather than for destructive purposes.


While the traditional scientific paradigm is shifting to encompass the new findings about energy fields and their application, people are voting by their feet and money for natural healing modalities, including various forms of energy healing and healing spiritual practices, as an appropriate complementary pathway to their health and wellbeing.


An ever increasing number of people who use the energy for healing themselves and the world keep increasing the global chances for sustainability and peace (see Lynne McTaggart). 




      my whole body aura Nov. 2005








     my whole body aura April 2000

magenta - compassionate

violet - intuitive, visionary, charismatic, non-conformist

blue - caring, peaceful,  helpful


















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