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      my whole body aura Nov. 2005








dark intrusions - aura of a person under psychic attack, mainly by negative mental projections of a significant other (onto her right side) and to a lesser degree by negative emotional projections (onto her left side).

clear internal colors - the person is taking proper care of herself, even though she feels very limited by the projections

complete egg shape and yellow auric outline - she attempts to keep her wholeness and her boundaries clean

symptoms - overwhelmed, exhausted, unwell, but decided to heal




dark around the head and shoulders - mental tension due to overextending oneself for others

leaky boundaries on the left side of the body and darkish around the lower chakras - pressures of emotionally co-dependent relating


Integral Aetiology



Energy reading gives an accurate insight into very specific information held at subconscious and superconscious or spiritual level about all the relevant influences and circumstances which represent the root system or network of causes for any problem.


That information, combined with what a patient is aware of, allows for a very precise holistic aetiology and diagnosis. It includes the psycho-somatic, socio-ecological, physical, psychic, spiritual and/or past lives factors.


Grasping consciously such integral aetiology is typically healing in and of itself because it represents a major step in re-building the bridges, broken by conditioning according to reductionist paradigm(s), between the conscious, subconscious and superconscious or spiritual levels of one´s consciousness.


One´s whole Being benefits from that which induces spontaneous healing even in problematic aspects of the patient which were not specifically mentioned as such nor worked on in our sessions.(See Healing Ripples)


Because every person has been exposed to unique set of influnces which form the roots of their issues, each integral aetiology and integral healing are unique.


Diagnosis, which consists in labeling the signs and symptoms by similarity with other people´s signs and symptoms is redundant in integral healing practice.



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